Optima Planta Franchise

At Optima Planta, we are one big family and we make sure that everyone has the best possible starting point when starting their own smart farm.

Joining the Optima Planta Family means that you get help to start producing sustainable and profitable crops to your local area. You get access to the brilliant and helpful minds at Optima Planta but also the cutting edge technology making the farm one of the most efficient and sustainable systems on the planet.


The Optima Planta Family

Profitable business

Exciting technology

Helping the environment

Sound good to you?

Join the Optima Planta Family!

It’s okay if you don’t have any farming experience – ADA does it for you.

ADA - Agriculture Data Assistant

ADA will help you with the farming. All you have to do is set up the facility, find your local customers, and let ADA help you run the farm. 

ADA controls the environment in the different boxes depending on what you want to grow in them, and tells you when to harvest and sow, all you have to do is press PLAY.  

ADA also collects the data to keep improving and making your farm better and better.

Join the Optima Planta Family

1. Get in touch

If you want to join the Optima Planta Family and start your own smart farm, the first step is to contact us, so that we know that you are interested.

2. We meet

The second step is that we meet so that you can get more information about what it would mean to join our family, and we can get to know each other.

3. Preparation

Once both you and we feel that this is a great idea, you get a quick education and we help you set up the farm and get you ready.

4. Start

Now you are a fully fledged member of our Optima Planta Family and you are ready to run your own business. Using our technology to help you provide your local area with sustainably grown plants, all year round.
  1. 1. Get in touch
  2. 2. We meet
  3. 3. Preparation
  4. 4. Start

If you are interested in joining the Optima Planta Family, fill out this form and we will get back to you with more information