Optima Planta

Technology for sustainable farming


Grow anywhere, without pesticides


Less water


Sustainable farming


Grown without soil

Triple A: Aeroponics, Automation, and AI

Our technology is sprung from Uppsala University an the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and is based on what we call Triple A.
Aeroponics, Automation, and AI

The Aeroponics allow for the most sustainble and efficient farming known today. Using less water, no soil,

The Automation, based on our own proprietary software and hardware, allow for safer, more stable production and data collection. Which leads to our AI.

Our AI, named ADA,  allows for the the most sustainble and efficent farming of tomorrow. By using closed, modular farming boxes ADA can collect immense amounts of relevant data every second.

Sustainable, in the Optima Planta way

Sustainable. To us that means that a type of process, for example plant production, can be replicated an infinite amount of times withou it having a significant negative impact on the planet or the society.


Regardless of weather and wind, drought or frost, pandemic or global logistics problems, the Optima system grows predictable quantities all year round with minimal climate impact.


In a safe, clean, and controlled environment no pesticides need to be fought. Our modern technology naturally protects what is grown and eliminates the need for pesticides.


Water usage
Our advanced growing system automatically mixes optimal nutrientsolutions and water for automatic spraying on the roots – aeroponics. The result is up to 95% lower water usage compared to traditional methods.

1-10 000

Modular design
With a modular design and production of the hardware with our partner Prodma in Sweden, we can set up flexible facilities between 1 and 10 000 boxes, depending on the needs.