Contributing to a Sustainable Cultivation of Plants

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Sustainable Manufacturing

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable cultivation of plants through numerical optimization of plant environments, high pressure aeroponics and automation.

The Road to Sustainability
Optima Planta develop hardware, software and proceses for cultivation of plants. It begins with sustainable material from the manufacturing of the ADA-box and other products, enabling a cutting edge technology that has a low environmental impact. The plastic is recyclable and only a thin layer of sheet metal is used to carry the systems several levels high. The system is built for longevity and economic viability, with a longevity of 20 years for continous cultivation of plants.

The product can easily be repaired, upgraded and modified depending on the cultivation requirment for a given facility.

Manufacturing is located in Sweden, Mariestad, by Prodma AB.

Plant Cultivation the Sustainable Way

Setting up a facility for cultivation of plants using Optima Plantas technology is incredibly fast. The modularity in combination with other turn-key solutions for efficient cultivation is extremely scalable.

Every produce grown with Optima Plantas technology helps to lower emissions – it saves energy, water consumtion, pesticide use and nutrients consumtion and leeching.

Sustainable Water Consumption

The water consumption for a produce is much lower than conventional farming and lower than hydroponic based farming. Our goal is to be the industry leader in terms of water efficiency per plant cultivated, from manufacturing of the hardware, which enables rapid growth, to the end produce to customers.

Extreme Efficiency of Resources

The cascading effects of the numerous benefits using Optima Plantas technology is shown in the productivity per resource spent, which is at an industry leading level.


Reduced Heating

Due to several climate shells (outdoors-indoors-system) a facility can drastically reduce its heating requirement. The emitted heat, as well as the emitted light, is applied inside the system enabling a very high efficiency of heat to retained temperature in the facility, which in turn increase the growth rate of plants.


Reducing or removing pesticide use in large scale cultivation of plants is an enormous challenge. Through the use of state of the art technology and best practice proceses our goal is to completely remove pesticide use from cultivation of plants.

Furthermore, plants that require chemically induced hormones to acquire their commercial phenotype is instead replaced by environmental triggers using our smart hardware and advanced algorithms.

Industry Conversion to Renewable Energies

Of all the greenhouse area in Sweden as of 2020 (2.5 milion square meters) 61% of the energy consumption came from renewable energy sources. Using Optima Plantas technology to cultivate plants would convert all energy consumption to renewables.

An Optima Planta facility can tap into the rapid technological development in battery technology. Implementing battery technologies in the grid a facility can reduce energy costs and safeguard energy stability and production reliability.

A long way to go...

We at Optima Planta are incredibly proud with the progress our technology and its impact on the environment has taken us thus far. However, the transition to a fully sustainable production of plants is a long way to go due to the vast scale of the market and all the challenges that it entails. We will never stop doing our best at Optima Planta, reducing the emission for each plant produced.