The journey towards

Sustainable Farming

At Optima Planta we want the farming industry to be sustainable, which is why we are happy that with our technology and approach with local production, we are on a good path in this mission.  We would be very happy to have you with us on our journey so feel free to join us on our social media or become a member of the Optima Planta Family

Agricultural Challenges

There are many challenges in the agriculture industry that must be dealt with to sustain nature and resources.
Water: 70% of the world’s fresh water usage comes from agriculture.  The next 30 years it will increase by another 50%.
Transport: A large part of the globally consumed food is imported with CO2 heavy transports. For example, 70% of all fruits and vegetables in Sweden and 50% in the US are imported.
Hunger: With 2 billion more people living on our planet in 30 years, we need smarter and more efficient ways to make food.
Land: Over the last 40 years we have destroyed about a third of the arable land on earth due to fertiliser nutrient leaching.

Making Farming Sustainable

At Optima Planta we have an answer to modern agricultural challenges. With our technology we enable farming with:

  • Up to 99% less water use
  • 0% pesticide use
  • 0% toxic chemicals (such as arsenic or heavy metals)
  • 60% less fertiliser consumption
  • Less land usage
  • Less transport and CO2-emissions
  • And crops that are always locally produced, resulting in fresh produce

This is made possible through a combination of AI, aeroponics, local farming, optimisation and vertical farming. Read more about how it works here.

At Optima Planta we have no delusions about complete sustainability being easy to achieve. We are aware that almost all human activities and especially businesses affect nature to some extent. But we believe that with the right mindset, hard work, human ingenuity, and teamwork we can make agriculture sustainable for many generations to come.