The Technology

At Optima Planta we created a system that allows for sustainable agriculture, both economically and environmentally. 

It all started with combining closed plant systems and machine learning/AI. Our core principles have to do with finding the perfect environment for a given plant (e.g. nutrient composition, humidity, temperature etc). Furthermore, our principle is to package data and advanced data analytics into something so simple that anyone can use it – which means that anyone can be a ‘farmer’ and maintain  a growth facility, and have access to world-leading data and growth methods, all without knowing how to farm. 

Closed Modular Systems

Optima Planta’s closed modular system enables a customised environment for a given plant. The customised environment enabled by the system is independent of the outside environment, such as season, drought, soil quality and climate. Meaning that we can grow anything, anytime, anywhere and with consistently great quality.

Data Collection and Numerical Optimisation

A series of modular systems, stacked like a matrix, give many unique environments which in turn enable advanced comparative studies and numerical optimisation. This can be used in order to optimise the environment in commercial settings depending on plant type, growth stage and more. Plants can be optimised for weight, taste and/or vitamin/nutritional content. Furthermore, new plants not yet existing on the market can be introduced.


In the picture you see roots hanging in the air and a nozzle which is spraying the roots with a nutrient solution with certain intervals. This is called aeroponics and is a method developed by NASA when they needed a way to farm in space, without using soil. 

It turned out that with aeroponics, the plants grew better than with any other type of farming method. The roots, as many other cells, need oxygen and nutrients to survive. Letting the roots be suspended in the air allows for oxygen to diffuse freely, rather than being actively transported from shoots and leaves. This saves a tremendous amount of energy – energy which the plant now can use to grow.

Easy to Use

All of these technologies are combined into a farming system which is capable of automatically controlling every single box in the facility. If you want to start your own smart farm, you can.

When you have joined the Optima Planta Family all you have to do to start farming is to use our app. The brain, called A.D.A. (Agricultural Data Assistant) will help you with the planning – when to plant the seeds, when to harvest, and everything in between.

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