Enabling anyone to grow anything, anywhere

Optima Planta

At Optima Planta, we enable anyone to grow anything, anywhere. We see that the farming industry needs to change and adapt to the future we have in front of us. It needs to be financially and environmentally sustainable in a world where the population is increasing, land decreasing, and water being consumed in higher volumes than what the earth can handle. That is why we have developed an automatic and continuously improving vertical farming system that uses up to 99% less water than traditional farming, and can grow anything, anywhere, all year round.

Our Plants

  • Always local
  • More nutrients
  • No pesticides
  • More flavour

Sustainable Farming

  • 95-99% less water*
  • City farming for less transport
  • No nutrient leeching


  • Numerical optimisation / AI
  • Fully automated
  • Aeroponic vertical farming

Join the Optima Planta Family

1. Get in touch

If you want to join the Optima Planta Family and start your own smart farm, the first step is to contact us, so that we know that you are interested.

2. We meet

The second step is that we meet so that you can get more information about what it would mean to join our family, and we can get to know each other.

3. Preparation

Once both you and we feel that this is a great idea, you get a quick education and we help you set up the farm and get you ready.

4. Start

Now you are a fully fledged member of our Optima Planta Family and you are ready to run your own business. Using our technology to help you provide your local area with sustainably grown plants, all year round.
  1. 1. Get in touch
  2. 2. We meet
  3. 3. Preparation
  4. 4. Start


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